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The most beautiful cities of Italy

In your opinion which is the most beautiful city of Italy?Why you like it,and which is the attractions in that city?



for me it's Milan, the passion for Football and great landmarks such as the Duomo

I have never been to Italy but I have an obsession for Tuscany. It's a dream I have to make come true one day no matter what! Also Sicily. 

I think you have to visit Florence, Rome and Naples, if you prefer visit an historical city, with much presence of signs of art.
If you prefer visit city near the sea, I can suggest to visit Sicilia.

ryan stanton,sour pomegranate,Ce Perfect Thank you for the advice :)

I loved Florence very much. Astonishing landmarks, beautiful shapes and colors.

And the view from Piazzale Michelangelo is just breathtaking! The cathedral rising above the roofline and especially that wonderful turquoise dome of the Great Synagogue among all those red roof tiles. <3


Also, when I was about 12, I think, I grew this obsession with Venice. I'm not as obsessed with it anymore, but I hope nevertheless to see it one day. :)

Hvala Morana,nadam se da ces otici jednog dana u Veneciju. :)


In Italy we have many beautiful places that we can visit; Rome for the Roman History and other important historical period, Florence for the Renaissance, Milan for Gothic and other cities for all rest of history. We have a beautiful sea in Sicilia, Sardegna,Calabria,Puglia. Not to be underestimated the importance of the food that he's enjoyed all over the world. But now, we come to the question.

Why a lot of people escape from Italy?

Sorry for my bad English, I'm here for these.

Roma and Milano

Thank you Massimiliano and Monalisa.Massimiliano,your English is good... :)



Rome and Florence.

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