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What will you do,if you can't stop thinking about someone?

What will you do,if you can't stop thinking about someone?

You don't want to waste your time on him anymore.

I mean life must go on.

Anyone who has good methods,please tell me.



Only time heals, sorry:)

Do something interesting and most important to chang your attention.

harmony,may be i advice u or i can say a few things... so if i can't stoped thinking about someone (girl)

i think i would talk to her because i don't have something to lose.and pluck up your courage and most important be sure of your thoughts...  good luck :)

time is very important, it eases the pain. if you have pictures of that person or have to see him a lot, it's better not to... because the more you see the person the more he is on your mind.

sometimes finding another person to love can help you to forget... but you have to be careful with this method because sometimes you might become a user of people and hurt them.

and also spending time with people you like, friends, meeting new people, doing sports or a lot of fun activities can help to cure the heart.

the worst method is TASTY food :D because it makes you fat, but it gives you also good emotions...


also think about that person more objectively and try to see the bad sides of him. then you might just stop loving him and idelising.

well as you see there are few ways to cure yourself and go back to normal life... you just need to find the way which is most suitable for you :) I hope I helped... I hate when I can't forget some people, it's the most difficult thing, so I know what you're going through...

According to Wendy Cope, wonderful British poet whom I greatly admire:


1. Write him a letter.

2. Get to know him better.




A lot of people would say you are missing not him, but what he might have been, what you would have liked him to be. I find that perspective quite helpful. You weren't meant for each other. Someone else is out there waiting for you; be prepared for his arrival.

I do agree with Marie ,God closes a door, open a window inevitable.Maybe someone else waiting for you at some corner.Be sure about your future.Donot close yourself ,have a great longing for a bright future.

It is impossible to stop thinking of him without stepping outside . Attempt to find something which interests you  and concentrate on this thing. Never hesitate to go outside to be familiar with the wild .

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