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can u recommend me a effective way to learn english?please

i have been learning english for 5 years,but i think im not as good as i should be in my speaking and vocabilory.i take 3 session's a week but i does'nt help me so,con u recommend me some methods or a effective way to iprove my english speaking and vocab?




Perhaps instead of having lessons, just become friends with a native speaker? Having regular conversation with a native speaker daily can help, I'm sure.


Some tips to learn effectively:


- Interact with many people as you can in English (chat on this website, facebook, skype, with people face to face)

- Watch English movies (if it helps watch with English subtitles)

- The most effective way is to read a lot of English books/magazines as possible


Good Luck!



Instal google chrome, then take note of the spell check.



Before you start your speaking practice  , you had better practice writing as much as possible . If you cannot typing English writing smoothly , how can you expect you speaking to be fluently. In general , speaking runs faster than writing . That is why I suggest you improve writing in advance. remember , You must write fast and cohesive enough to speak fluently

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