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Qualities of a language partner


When you look for a language partner, what qualities do you want them to have?



understand each other

being patient, considerate, helpful and inquring

To share a common language at a good level so we can exchange information efectively.

To be really interested and determined in learning the language, rather than just a one off thing.

Not to be so shy about their language abilities but be happy to make mistakes : )

Lastly, To be open and clear about their schedule, availability and having the will to keep the communication consistent.

I don't like people to arrange meeting but cut contact all together without a word  o_O pff If you don't want to carry on just say it. But maybe shying away is more fun : ) I should give it a go one day. 

Definitely to have a sense of humor; I don't get along at all with serious people who act so formal for no reason! They depress me! I get the feeling that suddenly there's a dark cloud over my head, argh, I end up ending the discussion as soon as possible before I get depressed.

i want two type of language partners to learn english should be native speaker of english whomsoever he may be and second is who know exactly as much english as i,so that we can understand and help each other.i have got lot of people from the first kind but i am still looking for the people from the later category


P.S i am an intermediate(level B2) in english.

He/she must be fun and happy. Deep and natural. Humble and wise.

patient , helpful , has sense of humor , has good knowledge about his language , and has clear pronunciation


- Patient

- Willing to correct mistakes, but also willing to let some slide for the sake of communication

- Committed to a true 50/50 exchange, with half of the time spent solely in each language

- Punctual (I prefer shorter 30-minute exchanges, so it's best if they start on time)

- Funny


I've had the best luck with female language partners over 30. Probably because I have more in common with them. :)

accepted !

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