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Here is a Chinese song for foreigners to learn


Hi everyone, I know there are many people wanna learn Chinese, thanks for so motivated and interested in Chinese, so I share  a Chinese song which is easy to learn. This song is also one of my loved ones. It may not suit everybody's taste, but it's simple so that generally suit for most people.  As I added the pin yin in the lyrics and translated them into English, so if u can read pinyin, u can learn fast. Well, the translation may not be very good, but help u understand. And anyone has better translation can put it here..Thanks a lot! 

Here is the song's link :(u may have to copy and paste it)||playBtn&fr=-1||


here is the lyric: (BTW, the numbers beside the pin yin means its tone, u know that, I hope)

Wai 4 mian 4 de shi 4 jie 4
《 外   面     的   世    界》                            The outside world
Zai 4 hen 3 jiu 3 hen 3 jiu 3 yi 3 qian 2
在     很    久      很      久   以     前                 long long time ago
Ni 2 yong 1 you 3 wo 3
你    拥        有      我                                     I blong with you
Wo 3 yong1 you3 ni 2
我      拥       有    你                                      and you belong with me
Zai 4 hen 3 jiu 3 hen 3 jiu 3 yi 3 qian 2
在     很     久     很      久    以     前                  long long time ago
Ni 2 li 2 kai 1 wo 3
你   离    开    我                                              you left me
qu4 yuan3 kong 1 ao2 xiang 2
去     远      空      翱     翔                                in more high sky to fly (to a father place)
Wai 4 mian4 de shi4 jie4 hen3 jing1 cai3
外       面     的   世   界   很    精     彩                The outside world is fantastic
Wai 4 mian4 de shi4 jie4 hen3 wu 2 nai4
外     面       的   世   界  很     无     奈                The outside world is helpless
Dang1 ni2 jue2 de2 wai4 mian 4 de shi4 jie4 hen3 jing1 cai3
当      你   觉    得    外    面       的 世     界  很     精     彩 When u feel the outside world’s fantasy
Wo3 hui 4 zai 4 zhe4 li3 zhong 1 xin 1 de zhu4 fu2 ni2
我     会     在     这   里   衷        心     的 祝     福 你        I may you succeed heartly
Mei2 dang1 xi1 yang2 xi1 chen2 de shi2 hou4
每     当       夕  阳     西    沉     的 时     候                    Everytime the sun sets
Wo3 zong3 shi4 zai4 zhe4 li3 pan4 wang4 ni2
我     总      是    在    这   里   盼     望      你                  I am always here waiting for you
Tian1 kong1 zhong1 sui 1 ran2 piao1 zhe yu3
天       空        中     虽     然    飘     着    雨                   Though its raining drifting down
Wo3 yi1 ran2 deng3 dai4 ni2 de gui1 qi1
我    依    然       等   待    你  的   归 期                           I still long for your return






The player does not work sadly. Can you give the song title and artist instead? Thank for sharing this by the way :)


u r welcome!

the title is "外面的世界“ , u can listen to the singer 齐秦 



Here is a link to the song on Youtube:

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