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Hi everyone!


Is there any good online resource for learning Esperanto? I have books for it, but i'm looking forward to get some online practice and lessons, too?


Is there anyone who have learned or is learning Esperanto this way?


Thanks is advance :)



Saluton! Many learn online.

There is a course that I used on

It is an email correspondance course. They also have La Gerda-kurso, which is the intermediate/advanced course.

There is the email correspondence course already mentioned, there is a course on Unilang in English and Dutch(watch for errors), the computer program Kurso de Esperanto, and  I've been using memrise and anki to do flashcard like things.  The email course, kurso de Esperanto and parts of can have tutors (I'm in the middle of Ana Pana, end of the correspondence email course and just started the computer program email course).  I have seen another email course but I do not have experience with that.

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