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How do you celebrate birthdays in your culture?

Depending on the culture, people celebrate birthdays in different ways. What is the "norm" in your culture? What are some thing you do traditionally in your culture when celebrating a birthday?

Like in the United States, usually we cut cake, blow candles and make a wish. 



in India, the birhtday celebration is incomplete untill we go to temple, thanking for the past and taking blessings for the future.

I cut cake and blew candles when i was a child. Today i just meet my friends in restaurant.

con una fiesta en la casa del cumpleañero ,familia ,amigos y todos bailamos ,algunos cantan ...nos quedamos despiertos hasta amanecer jajaja y a veces rompemos piñatas XD yo les regalo una piñata a mis amigos , aprendí a hacerlas de casí cualquier forma :D

here we celebrate with barbecue, cake, make a wish or we go to a disco :D

I'm from Saudi Arabia on the occasion bring and Ntboukh with lamb and rice also cake and fireworks also be the start of coffee and tea and dates with cake cutting and then after a time to eat lamb with rice and then be the end of igniting fireworks and this we spent a fun time

well here we people celebrate birthdays with songs dance and delicious food but the most important thing is to take blessing from our elders like our mom father and our grands sometime here people go to picnic to on long drive for to celebrate birthdays 

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