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Tom_____ rude these days! What's the matter with her?

A) is. B being. C) is being. D) to be



is being

Yeah, C)

Could anyone explain why pr. progressive with THESE DAYS?

is being
but Tom is a male name :P 

"These days" is similar to "at this time".  Even though the action doesn't mean right at this moment, it does mean during this current time, like "nowadays."  You use present progressive for this meaning also.  

"I'm cooking dinner now." (Pres. Prog. at the time of speaking.)

"I'm reading Moby Dick for English class this semester." (Pres. Prog. in the current time period, even if you aren't reading at this moment. "These days" is a time period like "this semester."

Is has been also possible here?

is has been possble but ..on that situation ...when Tom has been become rude these days! What's the matter with him?

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