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Why the Hell People Add if they don't reply or Ignore?

Why the Hell People Add if they don't reply or Ignore if they are not going to help or support so no need to add......



I agree about that


yo me preguntaba lo mismo... :/

There are numerous people on line just for fun . The minority of people people are likely to be your potential language partners . View their records before your addition to some of them .

That's a good question. 

What kind of help you need? You can ask questions in public, write Notebook entries which are corrected by "native" speakers. 

I know a 19 year old boy has been following 1560 users since November 2013. Certainly he canot reply to every post. There is no use to follow without purpose, but people are free to reply or not to reply.

By the way, you don't have to use the word "hell".


Some people might be busy, some others may don't like to refuse, while some others might just want to make themselves to look "popular" to meet their vanity. These all could be the possibilities.


I agree Nacir. I have some followers and language partners but so little time to answer and exchange with all of them. Even if I do my best ! Please Hu Xain don't count me to be among the "hell people" !

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