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在国外大家都喜欢用什么交友软件?In foreign countries all like friends with what software?

In China, we often use QQ. Don't know in foreign countries, people like to use what software. I had registered MSN, but I can't make friends. Later heard about this website, and then register. Then make a lot of friends, they can help me with my English. So, can you share with me about dating software do you often use? 在中国,我们经常用QQ。不知道在国外,大家喜欢用什么交友软件。我曾经注册过MSN,但是交不到朋友。后来听说了这个网站,然后就注册了。后来结交了许多朋友,他们可以帮助我学习英语。所以,大家能不能和我分享一下你们经常用的交友软件?



U can register skype. It is somewhat like QQ in the country

Skype interface is not QQ good but very practical


I think most Westerners use Facebook. At least in Australia, it's by far the most popular. Many people use Twitter as well, but it's mainly used to follow businesses and/or celebrities and the like.


Is MSN still around? I thought it shut down years ago.


I just noticed that you asked for dating sites and software - I completely misread your question. Sorry, I don't know any. Just disregard my last post.

I'm not dating site, my English is not good. Then write the wrong

I reckon most westners use FaceBook as social media platform. Unforturnately, it has been blocked in mainland China. In addition I know some friends using myspace. 

I use facebook and skype :D

we chinese using weibo and QQ all the time. but any other source like skype or line ,facetime probably

very much in other country. and but the way , try to be able to think like a america,because that helps a lot with your english :)

Add me in skype if you want to improve your english with me Skype : shabokshy_2008..Thanks

Mainly Whatsapp, Skype and Facebook.

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