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对我来说学习中文很重要的 - For me it is important to learn Chinese.


Does this make sense?




Duì wǒ lái shuō xuéxí zhōngwén hěn zhòngyào de


For me it is important to learn Chinese



what is your question? no matter pronounced or spell all corect

come on!加油!

There is no mistake on your post


Makes perfect sense and is written correctly. 

This makes sense, but it could be better.


For example, you can say: "对我来说,学习中文很重要" or “对我来说,学习中文是很重要的”。

This will sound more smoothly.


Maybe in the textbook, we are told that "important" is an adjective, but not all adjectives are translated into Chinese with "的". 

I agree with casper.liu's reply.

I partly agree with Casper. It's not perfect in grammar. However as a matter of fact, I did hear native speakers spoke something similar with "对我来说学习中文很重要的" from time to time.  Some people (usually young ladies or teenagers) use "的" at the end of a sentence to strengthen their tone. Anyway, Casper's examples are more frequently used.

you may say 对我来说学习中文很重要,or ,

that makes difference 

You may also say : 學習中文對我很重要

学习中文对于来我说是很重要的~强调的是 学习中文-》 事情

对于我来说学习中文是很重要的~强调的是我 -》人物

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