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请你们在 看看OMGmeiyu。在我的看来,很有益。那里的女孩真好看。我听说,有一个程序,用它在中国看youtube视频。



現在有這種程序(program)嗎? (我以為都被禁了.)

I have heard, that is the programm Hotspot Shield, using it can watch YouTube in China. To learn more about it, I go by link, but ironically it is forbidden in Kazakhstan (my country). hehe

Thank you very much!

@Olga: Really? In the past I have used Hotspod Shield in China but it didn't work for me. Maybe there is an updated version that works? I am sorry to hear that in Kazakhstan people don't have the freedom to access unfiltered internet... You know... I don't want to get myself started on the issue. I just hope one day people of world can be truely free (if you know what I mean).

@EVERYONE: Hey if you guys out there knows something that "break the wall" please share with us. (I am not sure if I will get myself in trouble for saying this... but what the heck :p)   

Hey Olga, I used my VPN and checked out those videos you mentioned. They are cool! Her lessons are funny and I think it wouldn't take long for her to be famous. Thanks for sharing.   




I hate a censorship of the Internet. Internet is a beautiful thing that allows people to communicate without barriers such as distance and borders. But even here, the governments impose bans. They do this to hide their shameful acts. I'm glad that people bypass these restrictions and in spite of them get the information they need.

@Olga: Yes, I know what you mean. The novel 1984, Animal Farm and all. I have often asked myself why things are still the way they are in certain parts of the world. Maybe we need to be more patient with the reality. I sometimes blame the government, but more often I find myself resenting the complacency of the people. There is a quote In the novel 1984, "the essential crime that contained all others in itself", the ability to think, to question, and to reason logically is a seed in the mind that would bring a person's own eventual demise. I don't know if I should be happy to tell you that I've never seen a single mind that contains the seed in the place now I call home. Are we so sure that the chickens would rather choose to live outside the farm, to chose to venture outside their comfort zone to discover what is out there and what isn't there back in the farm?





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