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Tourists in Italy


How can you tell who is a tourist in Italy? What do they do differently than Italians? 




They usually don't speak Italian  :)

They wear socks with sandals :)


Hahah. Is is true that Italians don't usually tip for restaurants but Americans still do?


We don't use tips in Italy, but a good waiter always try to screw over the americans.

Remember, don't give a tip in Europe!


If you'll visit a cosmopolitan city, as Rome, Milan, Florence and others, where people are used to see many tourists, I think that you will be almost unnoticed. They will understand that you are a foreign, only when you will go to ask informations, because surely your american accent will be clearly evident. But this, is the same also for me, because the way to speak of the italians is different in the several Regions.
Then if you will go in tour in small towns or villages, the thing will be different: for example in my Region, the Sardinia, above all if you will come in a Bar for a coffee or for a drink, it's possible that local people, because curious to meet you, will try to speak and to be kind with you and perhaps will pay your consumation. I hope that you will have a good stay. Bye

Most of them carry back packs and are dressed very casually.

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