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You like Sherlock Holmes?



It is a good detective book serie, because it can make you be interested on the story the hole book, but you can't ever guess how is the villain, because Sherlock will always get stupdly little details that you won't ever have the chance to know until he solves the crime and say it...but it is very good serie.

It is a really good series. Unfortunately , most cases were not to be solved like that way as Holmes in reality . However , this drama can train your speculation and learn to consider some traces around you . From this point of view, I suppose it is a nice and deserved to watch  .But I would not be obsessed by his exaggeration .

I love it~!!! I have watched it twice and I am waiting for the new season. I love it not only because Benedict Cumberbatch has a handsome outlook, also because he show it apetly that Sherlock Holmes is a calm and  sensible person.Compare with the fiction,the TV shows more three-dimensional and image than fiction.For example,in the TV sherlock will play the violin when he is thinking or want to enage his brother, I think it's intersting to see sherlock with a childish face,and that is what the fiction can't show.By the way the background mucis is good ~!ha ha ha … ^ ^

I never read the novel before but I watched the TV drama produced by BBC. The actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Holmes is very charming when solving crimes, the watson palyer is also very lovely, and the work partners can produce many jokes when they are together.

I'm not a defective story lover, but this drama did so well that it attracts millions of fans around the world. I think the charactor of the actors is essential.

Let's look forward to the third season of this beautiful TV drama.

I thought he is an older and sober detective when I read the fiction during my high school . So , I can hardly associate this actor with my stereotype of Holmes .

Ya.. I liked it so much.. :)


I have read this book 15 years ago and still do not understand how the author created such masterpiece.

Yes indeed I enjoy reading his books a lot 

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