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Skype Courtesy

Whenever I am on Skype I will regularly receive a call from someone; someone who normally hasn't greeted me.


I find this very rude, particularly when I'm 'away'.


I wondered what you guys from different cultures think about this.



I guess this depends on one's preference and not according to one's culture. I find it rude too if they didn't introduce themselves at all or say hi AT LEAST before calling, it's cool if I'm away because I never set my status as "online" anyway. Receiving a call from someone who's not in your list at all now that's TOTALLY RUDE!

I  totally agree with you specially when the one calling is not close to me or I don't consider them friends yet. Well if she/he is already my friend it doesn't matter whenever they want to call me.

Well, I don´t like to receive phone calls without the previous greeting. I think it´s part of the  basical rules of  coexistence. And in Skype, and related to people who want to be your" language partners", it seems that most of them only want to practice the language they are learning, and may be that is the reason,they forget basic rules...My friends,always say "Hello".

Mayge it differ from different culture .I met some foregners,I can't understand their the beginning I considered them very rude or can't  easy to get along.But after some times I know it was the normal action in their countries.At last we made friends with each other.

yeah ,i quite agree with you ,sometimmes we just don't feel like receiving a call 

Hi my dear Brother,

I do same agree with your concern and i will describe such behaviour as primitive (childish ).

By the way, it has happened already and i will duely encourage you to let it go knowing very well that we have different kind of people with different background upbringing. Not forgeting that "experience is mostly the best teacher"

I love you my brother for clicking this very important subject which is no more recognise in society.

God bless you.

I hope to be your good friend


I agree - it is rude but having said that you can always change your online status to offline, in this way you're invisable and free to contact your friends without disturbance, also be careful who you give your skype id to. Another thing you can do is to remove the offenders.:)

internet just relaxing you mind~~just don't care about it~

Hullo ? Hullo Matt ? Hulloooo ? Darn it, he never picks up my call ! Wonder why ?


Yes I get this sometimes. It's strange. I would never start calling a stranger without asking first. Even with friends or students I usually ask if I can call.


I have skype on my phone and it started ringing at 5am from someone in a different timezone. I'd added them to do a language exchange but never gotten around to doing. It woke me and really annoyed me.

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