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Why do people lie to each other?

Are you happy when you're lying?

Are  you afraid of being tricked?

Were you a liar?



I don't want to be a liar. Also I hate being tricked. 


Many people do not like hearing the hard truth, and think it is better to tell a lie.  But for me, if I discover someone lied to me I am likely angrier than if the person had told me the hard truth first.  I may not be happy to hear the truth, but I will be more upset to find out I was lied to.  If I feel the need to lie, sometimes I do, but I feel sick about it then worry about whether the person will discover the truth.  It is a lot of stress, so I very seldom lie, not even small lies (white lies).  Even if you ask me,"How are you?", if I am not good, I will tell you.  I never use the standard, "I'm fine, thank you", if it's not true.

When i used to be a child i couldn't lie. Honestly speaking, I was very bad at it and even didn't try. I'm too open for that. But now I've understood there are some situations when it's better to lie a bit. If you don't want to hurt someone you love. When it's early to say the truth and you are not able to ignore the question, you may lie a bit. But if want to be a good liar you should believe in what you are saying. And not to do it often ;)

In my opinion, People lie for only two reasons, They're are either afraid to lose something/someone or they want to gain something/someone. Believe me, all underlying reasons fall under these two catagories. To make this clear, all of you should understand that what I mean by losing something or gaining something is everything. This thing could be either something material (Money- getting a job bla bla bla or psychological ( respect, love, attention...etc. It doesn't matter.

I think the sticking point is most lies are based on well intention .People do not like the truth as it is like a sword to transfix you . White lie seems to be friendly than the bare truth. Everything has its flip side . You are required to have thorough consideration to look through the fact. To be honest is not always good for you .

if you lie you have to lie again to cover your previous lie, then you start living in a lie and your life becomes lie, you canot build any truth on a lie.

There are no such thing as lie only secrets and hidden truths.

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