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هل أنت في مصر؟ ما رأيك في إزالة الرئيس مرسي؟

هل أنت في مصر؟ ما رأيك في إزالة الرئيس مرسي؟ هل تم الاحتفال؟ ما رأيك في الوضع الحالي؟ يرجى حصة أفكارك.


Are you in Egypt? What do you think about the removal of President Morsi? Have you been celebrating? What do you think about the current situation? Please share your thoughts.



انا شايف ان الشعب بدا يتحرك نحرك صحيح

Jawza أهلا 

نعم انا مع عزل الرئيس مرسى ونحن نحتفل بهذا بشكل حضاري. لكن مرسي له أيضاً مؤيدين ولكنهم يحاولون نصرته و استرجاعه لكن للأسف   عن طريق استخدام العنف .

شاهدي هذا الفيديو وسوف تعلمي حجم المعارضين لمرسى و لجماعه الإخوان المسلمين

شكرا لاهتمامك بمصر وبما يحدث فيها

I didn't celebrate it nor did I feel sad about it either. It's simple, we elected the guy, he screwed up BIG TIME, we removed him. Some people argue that "one year wasn't enough for him to fix the situation", but it comes to my surprise that this very one year has witnessed not only his failure to run the country, but also his "great" contribution to changing the status quo from bad to WORSE. Issues such as power outage hitting every city never appeared in the past 30 years, also the fuel crises appeared recently and he hasn't done anything about it, it's crippling the traffic causing traffic jams everywhere all day long. You could see long, very long queues of cars in every gas station waiting for petrol supplies. Ethiopia dared to threaten us to dam the Nile, OUR Nile, a fundamental part of our legacy and ancient history! A Chinese tourist dared to scribble words upon monuments in Luxor! and this incident just passed unnoticed by the authorities, no action was taken! Who would have thought that such dreadful things would happen? The list goes on. Since he's been in charge, we've been sinking deeper and deeper in a dark hole of mud. He's neither eligible nor qualified to be a president, and I hope the next president will fix both Mubark's and Mursi's mess.

it 's about the 2nd revolution.

watch it jawza and waiting for your opinion.if you cant understand what i wrote above,tell me and i ll translate it for you.

we did it again jawza :)

نحن لانحتفل هذا انقلاب عسكرى انتخبنا رئيسا شرعيا وغير مسموح لاى قوة ان تحدد مستقبلنا دا رأىي


we dont celberate this is a coup we elect legal president not allowed for any force to determine our future     this is my view

woooooooooooooowww maashaaAllaah tabarakaAllaah, it looks like eed LOL!!!


To be honest I really don't know what is really happening over there, all the information I have is from BBC News! But my personal opinion is that he should go voluntarly because it looks like the people are really unpleased with him; And since the country is still going through a new change it is really important that he listens to them.


Allaahu aalam

subhaanaAllaah, the whole thing is really sad now!

نحن لانحتفل هذا انقلاب عسكرى انتخبنا رئيسا شرعيا وغير مسموح لاى قوة ان تحدد مستقبلنا دا رأىي

It's all very sad, it doesn't look like peaceful protesting and niether do I understand why the army cannot use water hoses or plastic bullets or something that doesn't kill people.


May Allaah cause them to find a way out of this mess, our duaa is with all the Egyptian people.


كل شيء محزن للغاية، فإنه لا تبدو وكأنها احتجاج السلمي، والقيام لا أفهم لماذا الجيش لا يمكن استخدام خراطيم المياه أو الرصاص المطاطي أو شيء لا تقتل الناس.

وصلى الله وتسبب لهم لإيجاد طريقة للخروج من هذه الفوضى، دعاء لدينا هو مع كل الشعب المصري

It is coup. caused a serious crisis, the chants will be continued calling the legitimate authority. This is my opinion

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