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Just today I saw I am a premium member of italki now? Well thats great, but I would like to know if it is permanent or just for few days?



permanent I think

I got a message from administration, its for a year and can be extended.

I'd like to konw more about it guys

Hi Guys,


As matt posted, that link should give you more information about premium membership.  There is also an explanation posted in the support section which can be found at


Premium membership is a way to cultivate a higher quality community, and is a product repsonse to concerns of community security.  Many of our female members have been complaining about being harassed.  This is a way to vet users and have a higher bar to entry for people who are going to send more than 2 follower requests to potential language partners per day.


We hope that you understand.  If you have any questions or comments please direct them directly to :)

It is a stupid thing.

I just took a look, what kind of benefits this premium membership brings. For example highlighted questions and notebook entries of premium users. Whats that gonna mean? Does it mean that questions, notebook entries and discussions of premium members are always shown, while the ones of the "normal" users sink like the Titanic and will not be seen? I don't want this at all. I fear that no one ever will see my activities then (I will never join a premium membership no matter if Italki or somewhere else). I also fear, that this will just split the Italki community into two parts and I do not think that this is good for the community at all.


Italki is leaning towards what looks like a segregationist process : the rich vs the poor. This will kill social interaction, I just feel like finding another interesting similar site somewhere. This means some users here will be able to spread their word and others won't. Interesting ?

Don't panic, guys. Almost all such pages have Premium and free membership, but nothing wrong with them. Guys from italki are trying to make money. It's their right. No one fobidids you to use italki free. 

Let's wait and see. Time shows who is wrong and who is right.

BTW, I see a lot of users have Premium. Could you share with us your impressions? 

I have read the comment made by Chinafan, I will dis agree a bit with all due respect. I mean personally I have never shared more than 2 entries in a day. But its good not to have restrictions on yourself and I dont think it will break apart the community in 2 parts. They are only giving premium membership to people who are actively helping the italki community. Like @Gloria said, most websites have premium members and they award free membership as well. 

By the way only benefit I will have from this is that it gives you satisfaction that your hard work is finally paying off. Thanks and apology for spell mistakes. 

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