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Is there anyone who wants to learn vocabs and practice them with me everyday?

Recently, i got a very interesting idea that we can use new words that we have learned top communicate. In other words, we can practice the words that we've studied in a real communication. So if there is anyone who wants to join with me, please let me know! I am very delightful to learn together. :)



I offer several words here , we may practice to make sentences








Fantastic, Allen!! :) Here I go!! Please check and correct.

1. Recently, The deforestation has been considered as one of the essential issues which need a solution.

2. A manager thinks that work efficiency would be way better if each personnal diverged with assigned works on their own.

3. Then he said that it is marginal to fix that bike.

4. The plow is an important tool to till the soil.

5. The tourist were mesmerized by seeing the culprit.

You may give me 5 or more words to make a sentence

thank you very much !


Deforestation is the main problem that most people on earth must confront .

his thinking began to diverge with her explanation 

we use buffalo plow the land 

do pay much attention to such marginal profit , that is too marginal to care .

over population could be the culprit of air pollution 


"A manager thinks that work efficiency would be way better if each personnal diverged with assigned works on their own."


I am not fully understanding what you mean , can you give me more information about this sentence ? Does it refer to that the manager likes his staff cultivate their imagination or creation in their work?


Well, i am trying to say that manager thinks that whole work efficiency would increase if each workers only stick with the works which were assigned to them instead of working together as a whole.

Make sense?

5 words, here go


1. elucidate

2. consolidate

3. grumble

4. scrunity

5. exposed to

1. elucidate - will you elucidate the layout for me ? I have some details to be explained .
2. consolidate - to consolidate your faith in your career is critical or you will lose your opportunity
3. grumble - stop grumbling and brace up to move on . That is a must .
4. scrutiny - you may find the loophole in the document under prudent scrutiny
5. exposed to -  it is risky to expose your respiratory system to highly air polluted environment for a long time . see the haze crisis occurred in Singapore . 


I would be glad if you can give me more than 10 words each time (as many as you can)





come out



The whole efficiency of work would be promoted with concentration on their own parts for all staff . Furthermore ,they should not be distracted by other workers' jobs. 


"working together as a whole"

That is positive attitude even if everyone is supposed to focus on his own job (my humble opinion)

This is very nice idea. I am up for it. Yesterday I was watching a movie, and I found out some new words. The words as follows: 

1. Marginalize 2.Sabbatical 3. Odds and ends 4.Devil's advocate(蓄意唱反调的人) 5.the salt of the earth.

That's all so far. 


some of the poorest people were marginalized during globalization



she’s away on sabbatical


Odds and ends

we bought batteries for the radio and a few other odds and ends


Devil's advocate

He used to propose some different ideas to provoke his colleagues, most of them are nonsense just for the devil's advocate


the salt of the earth

we need a man with the salt of the earth to lead us

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