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verb ...ING form in English

Hi everyone,
how can I use the ING form in English?
I know that is a gerund, but I can hear it in much other cases (not for make the gerund form).

Thanks a lot for your answers.



In English, we use "ing" all the time, not just with gerunds (Running is good for your health "Correre fa bene alla salute")


For example, we use "ing" to form the present progressive, per descrivere cosa stai facendo:


I'm eating (Sto mangiando)

What are you doing? (Cosa stai facendo?)


Also, we tend to use "ing" to form the present tense AND the future tense.


For example, to say "A che ora vieni?", We would say "What time are you coming?" rather than "What time do you come?"


Here are some other examples:


The telephone isn't working. (Il telefono non funziona)

Why aren't you listening? (Perché non mi ascolti?)

I'm going to travel to Italy in the future. (Viaggerò in Italia in futuro)



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