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What can you say to your boss if you don't have what you need?


Imagine that you're working on a project. You're called into a meeting to give an update on the project to your boss. The boss asks you for some particular details about the project.


The problem is that you don't remember those details. They're back on your desk or on your computer. What can you say to your boss in this situation?


There are a couple of sayings you might use:


For more idiomatic English, there are several expressions that involve body parts.

For example, you might say, "I don't have that information at my fingertips."




"I don't remember off the top of my head."


Another one is:


"Off hand, I don't recall."


Or "I can't say off hand what the numbers were."


You can follow up with any of these by saying, "Let me check and I'll get back to you."

I use these all the time.



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