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Have you really found here anyone with who you have regular chat/conversation?


I know that on Italki you can find persons who help you with your language doubts or correct your notes. But have you known here someone with who you speak regulary or do 50/50 conversations? Or the only option is looking for help of tutors or teachers?

I'm just curious about your experiences here.






like life, seek and you shall find

Do you ask this because you've never managed to have 50/50 conversations on a regular basis? I think it depends if you get along well with your friends/language partners. So long as you can talk about everything and nothing, you can chat every day. No need to look for paid lessons :)


No Sam hehe I haven't tried it yet :)


I'm here recently and I haven't found it yet, but I'll find, I'm sure.

I haven't found native yet, but when I was beginner from English I didn't need anyone native or fluent because the intermediate level was enough, etc. But from the intermediate level it is important.

I speak with other people regularly, they help me with English and I help with Spanish, my problem is the difference of time.

Like ALberto said time difference is a little problematic but still I have few people that I practise with regularly : ) And I have two friends that I speak to everyday : ) and I am most thankful to them because in verly little time (a month maybe) I have learnt a lot and I am no more a total beginner yippiii!!

Es como buscar una ajuga en un pajar...Lo que no quiere decir que sea imposible, solo que demanda más tiempo de lo usual.


My answer to your question is : YES and the problem is that I have too many suggestions from too many people, don't have time to satisfy or to spend time learning with everyone ! 


It's a question of % of success.

You can accept a lot of friendship suggestions, both you have the same desires of share chat or talks...but everything can happen...(hours of connection, use or not of skype, way to connect together...)

I can really say that I have met some people and I chat usually with them to practice my target languages (English and lately Portuguese)

I chat English at least 3 or 4 days a week with people from Russia, USA, Germany (even meeting face to face with German and American...) and one person from Brasil I use Whatsapp to practice Portuguese...

But, also, I have some contacts I really can not keep in touch, by lack of interest, different hours...

Try it!! It's like real life, you meet 100 people, you could get talks with 10-15 of them, and even you could be friends with 1 or 2...


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