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What do you think of Egypt's current situation?

What do you think of Egypt's current situation?

Asking as an Egyptian, I want to know what do you think of what's happening in Egypt nowadays?
Do you see it as a second part of jan 25th revolution or a military overthrow?



I have noticed the unrest in Egyt on TV channel and I am concerned about what happened in your country . Of course no body likes revolution or coup , but I think revolution indeed gives a nation new opportunity to move on . Change is better than nothing which is my creed . I cannot ascertain  if the Military force intervention is good or bad . Wait and see for now .


Interesting question : as seen from France, to sum it up, it looks like a military "coup d'état" and we are worried of a democratic future for Egypt. Let's hope the people can decide of their future.


I must say we only have a little idea of what is going on in Egypt so we don't know for sure, we lack information.

im Egyptian and im think that an Egypt in Very Bad Situation

because the Egyptian Pepole Kill Them

As for me< I see that Egyptians  want better life and strugle for it. Only I can say- may they build the country of their dream.


why do middle eastern countries have so many unhappy people? always fighting? always angry?


that's how I see it, they don't live and let live, they want to control peoples lives and they spawn dangerous groups that terrorize  innocent people just because they believe in a different god or have a different political system.


maybe i am wrong and the US is feeding me propoganda...

@Allen: Many thanks for your concern. I agree with you revolution and standing against injustice and corruption is a vital process for a country like Egypt who has always been suffering from greed presidents, the people of Egypt finally rose up and I can tell you as an Egyptian that we are not going to stop until putting our country on the right track. I'm totally with the military intervention; it's the only guarantee to stop Egypt from turning to another Syria. Please, Pray for us.

@Laurent-لوران:Let me assure you that it isn't a military coup at all. Members of Freedom and Justice Party, the political tool of the Muslim Brotherhood, wants the world to believe so by showing up on every international news channel like BBC, CNN and also France 24 talking like it's a Military coup to win the world's sympathy, but the truth is the people of Egypt are the one who started it all, not the Military Forces who just listened to the voice of its people , did as we always expected from them and refused to stand with a president whose supporters are only the ones from his party.
Morsy is not loyal to Egypt. All he cares about is the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood and his existence in power is a big threat to Egypt's national security because as a president he receives periodically all the confidential reports from all the vital organizations in Egypt which he sends right back to his mentors and higher presidents in the brotherhood besides they uses phones connected to satellites that no can track even the army which makes Egypt security in a very big threat that's why the military was totally with getting rid of him for the safety of the country.

@keti: Ameen. As long as we are trying , I'm sure we are gonna make someday.

@Mason Wang:Let me tell you that unfortunately what you think and millions like you think are the most common stereotype of the Middle Eastern countries not because it is true but because the foreign media wants you to believe so, that Arabs and Muslims are the terrorists and the bad guys by focusing on religiously extremes and generalizing it and not mentioning any good stuff about us and of course people believe what they see on TV ,but I can assure you that if you travel to any Middle Eastern country , you won't find things that way. Of course there are extremes but we are not alone in that. Every community has its own extremes who are very few comparing to the rest of the community.

As I studied Mass Communication and Media Theories, I know exactly how the foreign media are stereotyping us and unfortunately we all in the region know it very well and we can fight back by correcting our image but we don't. Why? Because we are busy covering our internal issues like the revolution taking over lots of Arab countries nowadays and tons of other problems. We are busy talking with each other instead of talking with the rest of the world!!

You are asking why people are unhappy always fighting and angry, the answer simply because most of them don't have the minimum rights of living like being well educated, feeling safe , receiving a good medical care when being sick , having a democratic system and their voices heard or even having water and electricity available on daily basis at their homes!! I know all the Arab countries are not living that way. The ironic thing is that some of them are extremely rich while others are extremely poor. I can refer it all to poor understanding of Islam and being cursed with greed, dictators presidents and kings in most of the Middle Eastern countries that is why people finally broke fear barriers and started demanding their rights. When we get our right, I assure you that then we will be happy !

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