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Anyone from Jeddah? or have been to Jeddah??

How is it like there? The culture? What is the language they speak there? Do they speak English too? What food do they eat? Is it safe there? >_< My mom is working there, she said it's so hard for her and I'm super worried.. 




Never been there and not from there, but Jeddah is in Saudi Arabia.  So they speak Arabic there.  I have taught many Saudi in my work and they are very friendly people, and many speak English.  The food is amazing and delicious and well seasoned.  As for your other questions I cannot answer.  What exactly are you worried about and why does your mom say it is hard?

@Stephanie Thank you! Maybe because of communicating? And you know, she's living in a different country with different culture for the first time.. D:

hi tokki , i'm from saudi arabia and do not worry it is a very safe city, beside we have a lot of philipenoes there , so she will find company. if u need anything i'm here to answer .

I agree its a beautiful country, with some regulations ........ all mix nationals from different countries, 

Hope she is doing good, :) 

@afnan That's a relief! yes my mom says the people there are nice!


Thank you everyone! :)

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