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Hindi writer has posted a poem on a poetry website and would love to understand it!

Hi there,

I am not actually learning Hindi, but there is a poet on who has posted a poem in Hindi and I would very much like to understand what it says, I have tried every translation website and got nowhere so I was really hoping you might translate it for me so that I can post a comment of the translated version for the other poets on the site to them be able to read it too. it is a poem called 'Dosti'


Dosti ka rista hota hai khas,

Jo hota hai har kisi kae pas.

Jo deti hai har kadam par sath,

Wahi dosti hoti hai khas.

Milte hai jiwan me kabhi khushi kabhi gum,

Par sacchi dosti kabhi nhi hoti kam.

Bhul kar bhi nhi bhul sakte hum ye nata,

Sdha yadho me rahta hai dosti ka ye nata.

Rste nate sab chhod dete hai jab sath,

Dosti ka rista thame rhta hai tab hath.

Yahi bate dosti ke riste me hoti hai khas,

Jo banati hai dosti ke riste ko khas.


Really hope you can help.



That's perfect, thank you!


Having read it in the original language, but now knowing the meaning, it sounds very nice indeed. I have posted the translation as a comment on there aswell so that all of the other users of the site can rate and comment aswell.


Again, thank you so much.

 Dhanyavad.meri shubhkamnaye

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