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U.S -Egypt relationship.

I have only two questions. The first is Why the Americans don't just mind their own business? The American people have their own problems. I don't think that man in the street in the U.S will be affected if Egypt is ruled by a dictator or by a democratic president. The man in the street cares only about his own interests. Second questions is why the U.S give money to Egypt in the first place? We don't need it and we don't want it. A lot of America's financial problems will be solved if the U.S government stop sending U.S aids to other countries. I wish they would do so, really.




people in your government seems to think they need money from the USA in the tunes of Billions, as a result there is a quid pro quo

Well, If the Americans need it and the Egyptians need it, and the U.S government give it to the Egyptians and other countries as well, then it could be an indicator that the government doesn't love its people. I mean the American people.

Remember, this U.S  financial aid that is given to other countries is the American's people money after all, so be sure to know where your money is going and to whom. Don't give money to other countries when there are poor people in the U.S.


the govenment has smarter people than me and you, everything is global..everything, everything affect everything,  events can destabilize currencies, trade, markets.


Laws are in place to aid foreign countries, no one does this alone like countires with dicatators, where they do what they want, when they want and to whom, there are checks and balances, and democratic process, in domocratic countries.


Govenring is imperfect, but the overall appeal of the country measured in it's totallity may ba  a barometer, that said, US is not too shabby of a place to have a Life.

And "the man on the street" in the US would be THRILLED to not have his tax dollars go to Egypt!  

The corporate-government of the US sends all of that money to you to make itself richer and more powerful.  Personally...I've seen what my tax dollars do in other countries, and I want my money back. : )

Ahmed, I have looked all over italki for your post "Iran Should Stop Meddling in Syria and Palestine", but I've been unable to find it.  You have written such a post, haven't you?


As for the United States' ceasing sending money to Egypt, we finally agree on something.


Believe it or not, Ahmed, I, as a private individual, do hope that Egypt will be able to find a peaceful solution to the current crisis.

I agree with not sending foreign aid to Egypt. We've been having a lot of financial problems here and sending aid to Egypt isn't helping anything. Unfortunately my opinion on it's own doesn't count for much, as all I can do is vote on a representative who then votes on foreign aid. And most of the candidates who I voted for in the last election didn't win.


This is an interesting article which states that the financial aid is required to be cut off now, but whether it actually will be or not is a different story.

I'm not going to say something stupid like, "America is the greatest country in the world and should run everything" or that the US government has never done anything wrong (because this obviously isn't true). But conversely, has America never done anything right in terms of foreign policy? And, if Egypt does not need foreign aid from us, are there other places that could benefit from this? I have no idea how much money is sent to Egypt, specifically (or any other country, to be honest).

One example of something America has done to help others, of which I am aware, is famine relief in the Ukraine during the 1920's. I think that there was some help sent to Haiti after the earthquake several years ago. Do you really think it was wrong of the government to send this help?

I don't see that many hybrid or electric cars on the road, and I don't know of any hydrogen fuel-cell cars currently on the market here. I don't imagine that the percentage of US electricity generated from wind or other non fossil-fuel sources is that high.

I'm sure there are many people here who would agree with Ahmed.

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