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I want to learn English, but don't have a clue

I want to learn English, but no clue, I is it right? Want to memorize a lot of words, remember the words have more simple method to do




Hi, I am your neighbour from India.

I know that Mandarin and English are completely different languages structurally. I therefore believe you must first note how same letters of the English alphabet have different sounds. Don't bother about the meaning, just note how differently 'g' is pronounced in gate and cage. Or how differenly 't' is pronounced twice in 'that'.


Then try learning phrases instead of words. This is a much more easier and quicker method to learn.

There are many course books, available in India to help learn Mandarin from English. I am sure such books teaching English from Chinese are also available in China. Also try getting help from a person who speaks both.

And I agree with what you have written in Chinese, online translators are not of much use, though I used one myself to translate that. Good luck ahead... :)

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