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Is anyone using kakaotalk?

I started to learn korean several months ago, as l like to watch korea TV and listen korea songs. 

But there is no such many  koreans  in my city, I downloaded the chat tools "kakao Talk" and hope to make more friends, korean people or new learner like me.So is anyone using kakaotalk?          Do that universal in korea?    my kakao talk's ID is "bingo617".



I dont know about it  . do you use it just  for learning korea ?

kakaotalk is the thing you gotta have on your phone in korea, and there's virtually none who doesn't have one if he uses a smart phone.

aha…… I got it, it's equal to "weixin" in china.

i in indonesia and used kakao talk too..
that is something that we can chat, just the same with another social chat.. (i think)

For tania

   few chinese use it. I planed to plus friends by shaking function , but nobody to connect.

Basically, KakaoTalk is an application to chat like WhatsApp, Line, or Blackberry Messenger. As we have to know other's phone number or ID, we can connect it each other. We can use the "shake" feature just if there's other phone in the environment using that feature too.



You and your friend, both have KakaoTalk app and are in the same place (side by side). You want to add them and use the "shake" feature, then your friend have to turn on their feature too. You both shake your friend together, and your Kakao will connect automatically with you friend's.


And I'm currently learning Korean, as I really like Korean Wave; music, drama, variety shows, etc. I have KakaoTalk too, it's sbayugiri :D


Hope this helps!

thanks sbayugiri and mila, i've start to use kakaotalk. its features is smiliar to chinese social chat "weixin" on smart phone

hi sbayugiri, i will plus you on kakaotalk.

hi helian, of course it is ok. but what your id is? hope we can be good language partner and friends.

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