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Any good links/resources for learning Mandarin?

Anything from books to podcasts to software etc. 



Popup Chinese (Google it), Pleco for your phone, and some dedication. That's all you need, and you need all of it!

I recommend these books " new practical chinese reader" 

There are five books with CD and excercise.

Maybe you can find a pdf version and mp3

It is a good book to learn Chinese from beginner to intermediate.


The explanation is in English, I think it is helpful for you.



PopupChinese is very good, as mentioned above. In the listening space, there is also ChinesePod and Melynks - which you can both find on iTunes.

Pleco is a fantastic app dictionary. Qingwen is another option. is a good web option.

For more visual learning, has hundreds of videos to watch.

New Practical Chinese Reader, as mentioned above, is solid [but a bit dull].

Memrise is also a super vocab tool.


Recently there was a hot movie in China called American Dream in China.It's about three young people start their business which teaches Chinese students speak English. Very encouraging and interesting I think.

Sorry, Google is just for correct pronunciation and vocabulary checking cannot for long sentences, articles or more than that exactly right if you don't want to misunderstand Chinese. 


It depend upon your Chinese level, you may choose children books or difficult news reports on Chinese radio or website life radio via the Internet or films. 

Or to find a Chinese friends or Taiwanese friend to help you directly for free.


Hopefully, you like this suggestions as well. 


For reading I suggest the "Chinese Breeze" book series >


There are 6 books in level 1 and each book has one short story. They are written in a way that limits to number of different characters to about 300 per book - something you can learn to handle within a few days!


It comes with a CD in MP3 format, that's however very poorly done by people who do not know read to others. The book istself is fully worth it though.


In level 2 you get 500 different characters/words and in level 3 there are 750. After that you can probably jump to normal books that are not too complicated.




For Android/iOS Pleco is certainly the one very best tool for Chinese translations!



For Chrome there is a nice mouse-over popup Chinese character translator (or from Chrome-store)


For Firefox and Chrome there is also Perapera which is doing the same as zhongwen



Forgot to tell you following or mimicing Chinese song is another way to imporve your accents and  pronunciation true. 

Uncle Matt's video are very useful. Here's the link :


As everyone says, the Pleco app is required these days.  Super helpful. is also very helpful.  I have a membership, so I'm not sure what can be accessed for free, but you should try it out.  It was developed by linguists, and all the dialogs are very up-to-date and true to life.  Lots of fun and a great on-line community.  By now, they have many thousands of lessons that are available, and more done every week at various levels.  If you're learning on your own, this is the best overall resource.

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