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M_rk_s,,,,,if it is fear of noise ,it s called ""Acousticophobia"',,may be ,it would be useful,,,good luck!


Interesting discussion!!!

1. I have Hemophobia/a.k.a Bloodphobia. It means to be really really afraid and even faint when someone sees blood. That is the same for me. I can't see when someone is cutting any animal (in order to prepare for eating). Also, I once fainted when I accidentally cut my lips with a razor while shaving and saw the blood gushing out. My hemophobia is so strong that while I am remembering the about that situation and writing it here, me feets started to feel numb...creepy!!!  >_<'


2. I previously didn't have ACROPHOBIA but since about 2 years ago I started having it. I think it's because, at the time I didn't have it, I used to go around places a lot where I could be around in high places and to corners where I could see the roads/streets from the top of the building (from the roof of the building). But, later I stopped going aroung to these types of places and when I went to high places after a loooong time, I was like "WOW! What is this dizziness that's blocking my feet from going to the edge/corner of that place?" It even made/still makes me nauseous...!!!


3. I am reaaally really dangerously and unbelievably scared of cockroaches! After that are the puffy-looking hairy spiders! (@_@)'


But, to tell the truth, when I think of having (or acquiring) these phobias (#1 and #2), I feel like a very special and unique person compared to anyone else in the world! That's how I can think positively about these phobias and about me myself!!!



Thanks for your comment rjcorraya,,,,it was interesting to rid,,,,i hope you will soon get rear of your three phobias,,,though the 3 rd was funny,,,bye:)


Haha! Thanks Ann. However, I am not sure how guarantee there is for recovering from these phobias. I read in Wikipedia that Hemophobia occurs due to sudden drop of blood flow/circualtion around the body when someone sees blood. Also, it can be treated by body massages given at the clinics and hospitals prepared specially to improve blood circulations.


I am, however, not that interested in treating my phobia(s)! I feel that if I didn't have these phobias I wouldn't have anything to talk about when someone talks/asks about 'phobias', just like you did today. Also, it makes me 'stand out' a little!

(I love myself for especially having hemophobia (dunno why!)!!!)

VERY SMART!!!!!!    :))

My phobia is caterpillars. I've been afraid of them ever since I was a kid. Don't know why. But before you start laughing, I lived in Tanzania a few years ago and saw caterpillar nests the size of a big beehive hanging from tree branches with hundreds of the things inside of them. I saw caterpillars the length of my foot with long hair and touching them was said to sting you. That did not help me to get rid of my caterpillar phobia. I also get the creeps from Moths and some butterflies. I believe my phobia is called lepidopterophobia :-)



Wow, that's an interesting phobia you got there Jetro! It's somewhat similar to my phobia of being super scared of cockroaches and spiders!!! However, yours is very unique! How do you feel about yourself for having these phobias?


@rjcorraya I used to feel embarassed about it but with time that has faded. I don't talk about it openly but I don't feel shame. The fact is I don't control my reaction to them. I shudder and feel revolted just looking at them or seeing them move and when I imagine touching one I feel like I'm going crazy. A man or woman is not defined by his or her phobias. Character is much more than that. Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is living with fear but not allowing it to define or control us! :-)



@Jetro. That's exactly what I think too! Whenever I see cockroaches, I run crazily around the house and start shouting violently like a baby girl (even though I am an 18 year old boy studying in college!). I don't let this make me feel ashamed; instead it makes me unique! Thank you so much for your reply! I've got one question for you. If you find a way to overcome your phobia, would you try it? Thanks for your answer in advance. ^_^

@rjcorraya If there was a way to overcome it I would give it a try. You know I always say my phobia of caterpillars is like Indiana Jones' phobia of snakes ;-)

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