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what do you really think about Russia?

What do you really now about russia, except "balalayka" and @russian bear")))



Стив, у вас отличный русский!)

My colleague just invited me to join her for the coming tour in Russia. I had to say NO, unfortunately. 

The reason is that I am not quite used to cold - yes, Russia should be the coldest place I have ever known. And second I don't like Russian food. But I musst say, Russian girls are really beautiful. And since China and Russia have been so close to each other, I see Russia, as well, a conservative country. Just like the news I read last month saying that there should be no homosexual propaganda in public. 

You can visit Russia in summer, the summer in central of Russia very hot) during the 3 month very warm weather) 

The deadly cold and Russian Vodka.

Amita, this is a very popular stereotybe)) except deadly cold and vodka, we have a many and many interesting things))) for example, now we have a very hot summer) 

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