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Você e Tu

Could you please tell me this?


Você e Tu 

I know that these two words mean you. But

which word is it genally used in speaking?




In Portugal it's generally used "tu".
In Brazil it is very common to use "você'', but there are few regions that use "tu".


 Aqui na minha família e no meu Estado usamos o pronome tu (Ex.: tu queres? tu gostas?), mas há pessoas de outras regiões que usam o pronome você. (Você sabe? você conhece o Brasil?).

Here in Brazil is much more common to use: " você ". " Tu" is used only in some regions. If you come to  Brazil or talk with brazilian people,I advise you to use você.

Thank you all. I got it. I've just started to learn Portugese.  

 @Sul: You're welcome. Bem-vinda! Muitos de nós aqui, inclusive eu, podemos lhe ajudar a aprender o idioma português.

Wow I didn't know that in some regions of Brazil you use "Tu" I tought it was only"você". Because in Spanish "você" it's "Tu". Looking forward to learn more portugues you guys, this was a really good information.

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