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What are your favorite audio books in English?

I think audio books have their own charm :) Let us know about your favorite ones :)




animal farm by george orwell


eat well live well.

ı read "animal farm by george orwell"


I don't really listen to audiobooks, I think one I listened to a loooooooooooooong time ago was One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  The person who read the book did an awesome job, he was really into character. 


Out of curiosity, have you ever listened to old radio programs from the 1940's and 1950's?  There are quite a few on Youtube, and although they're not audiobooks, they are full shows, the speaking is clear, and it can be great for listening skills too. 

Radio shows interest me, too. I listened so far to some of Agatha Christie's radio dramas and they are good, and another show named "An Inspector calls" and it was great (not sure if they belong to the same decade as the shows you mean). Do you know titles of good ones for me? 

Double Your Reading Speed In Ten Minutes - Paul Scheele

BBC learning stuff (MP3)

I used to drive an hour each way to work on country roads. The public library had an extensive collection of The Great Courses so I think I listened to the entire collection of science and history. I fell in love with audio learning. I could always lookup topics for visuals but the good lecturers could present material so that the listener didn't need to take notes. Audio learning may have been a setback to my language learning. I expected coherent, stair-stepped teaching. 

I started to listen to audiobooks couple years ago and I agree they have their own charm and really useful for language learners. You can listen to the audiobook without concentration while doing some domestic chores just to train your listening, and later do it again concenrating on picking up and writing down unknown words and phrases. 

I really liked "Harry Potter" series narrated by Jim Dale - I think he's done tremendous work and created different character voces only by himself. I really love his version of the book, but there is also another one by Stephen Fry. I didn't have chance to listen to it yet.

I also like "Robin Hood" series narrated by Richard Armitage (British actor). I love British English :-). 

Here are some more favourites: Agatha Christie's audiobooks narrated by Hugh Fraser, also British actor who played  Captain Hastings in "Poirot" TV series; "The Lord of the rings", "Hobbit", "Bridget Jones Diary" ....

I like BBC radio adaptations (radioshows) of Agatha Christie and Conan Doyles' "Sherlock Holmes" as well. 


@ Heba,

totally agree with Bilal about  old radio programs from the 1940's and 1950's. If you want to try some there are some programms on

For example:  It's Higgins, Sir!

Horatio Hornblower 

Sherlock Holmes 

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