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Ramadan Mubarak ..

assalam alaykom my dear friends :)


how are you all ?


Ramadaan Mubarak for you all :)


رمضان مبـــارك



salaam :)




رمضان مبـــارك dear Dalal ! It will be my first Ramadan ! Salam !

that's great masa'allah :D , 

الف الف مبروك قدوم هذا الشهر العظيم اعاده الله على الامتين العربيه والاسلاميه بالخير واليمن والبركات

علينا وعليك وكل عام وانت بخير

I want everybody to be as healthy and happy as possible. ... :D ... I simply ask that some Muslims give up Ramadan Fasting because it can't be equally applied to all followers and it's an unhealthy practice.

Islamic Ramadan Fasting during the long summer days in some Western countries is a reason why Islam will always be intolerable for some Western societies. I don't believe there is a God who wants some of his followers to go without water for 23 hours a day during a summer month of Ramadan fasting, while he wants some of his other followers to go without water for 8 hours a day during a summer Ramadan month of fasting.

Luleå is a city in the North of Sweden. During the month of June, there are days in Luleå when the dawn time is 00:51 AM and the sunset is 11:43 PM. When the month of Ramadān falls in June, those among the minority Muslims of Luleå who can bear it, fast for about 23 hours a day. They have less than 2 hours to break their fast, do their obligatory and supererogatory prayers and have their suhūr before starting another day of about 23 hours of fasting. They do this due to the understanding that based on verse 2:178 of the Qur’ān they are expected by the Almighty to fast from sunrise to sundown, which last 23 hours in northern Sweden. This is while at the same time some of their fellow Muslims in southern countries are fasting from sunrise to sundown, which last 8 hours per day for them.

The following website link describes how Ramadan fasting during the summer is done near the Artic Circle:

This article does makes it clear that Muslims can't agree how Ramadan fasting during summer should be done near the Artic Circle. The Ramadan fasting laws in the Quran were written by somebody who was not aware about the Ramadan Pole Paradox; and of course, he who wrote about the Ramadan fasting laws in the Quran, could not speak clearly about this matter.

Naturally, binge eating is not healthy. Muslims living near the Arctic Circle would have fewer hours each night than equator Muslims to make up for lost nourishment during Ramadan fasting. Northern Muslims would have to do even more binge eating in less time than other Muslims. This would make Ramadan fasting even more unhealthy and dangerous for northern Muslims than equator Muslims.

I do care about the health of humans, regardless of their religious belief systems. When I see a healthy smile on human faces, it will usually bring a smile on me too. ... :D

The human body naturally will want to make up for lost nourishment from long periods of fasting; and the resulting binge eating that will follow is unhealthy compared to an intake of normal amounts of food over the course of the day. Even healthy bodies should not deprive themselves of food and water for the 23 hour period of daylight which occurs each day during a summer month of Ramadan near the Arctic Circle. Muslims can't even agree if and how healthy Muslims, who live near the Arctic Circle, should break Ramadan fasting and how they should make-up for this lost Ramadan fasting.

The best diet plan is to eat a few hundred calories of nutrious food every few hours throughout the day for remaining healthy; and drink the necessary amount of water to prevent dehydration. ... :D

My above comments were copied from the previous italki discussion: "Is Fasting Healthy?"

MaliK : أشكرك لله يبارك فيك أخوي ،، آمين يارب العالمين 

afnan : وانتي بألف خير حبيبتي 

Steve H : hi :) , I just want to tell fast idea things ,,,


first , fasting is completely healthy thing , even ppl who wants to lose some weight they can fast to arrange their meals , 


a second , the God asks us to fast , so we can feel the poor ppl and can feel how much hungry they are , so we do more and more for charity ..


thats it :)

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