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Hello,everyone! I would like to know what people in other contries think about Russia and everything "russian".Please be honest !) i will not be insulted anyway)) tell me all true!))




for me they are just like any other nation, infact I find them more friendly than some others.

Honestly i think that girls are pretty, guys are not, and u drink too much, just my opinion

A common stereotype is that Russia is morbidly cold, and Russians are perfectly comfortable at frostbite temperatures.


A much more rediculous stereotype is that Russians (particularly those who lived in the days of the USSR) sit in pubs drinking vodka while telling stories about when they had to trek across Siberia or aboutall the bears they fought bare-handed (bare hands vs. bear hands) or when they had to endure something similar.


Also, I noticed on italki that a lot of Russians type " ) " at the ends of sentences. Is this intentional or an error with the Russian-English keyboard?

Wonderful girls......and exaggerated use of VODKA!!!!

thanks everybody!))really funny to hear it))
espesially about bears and vodka!
btw i have never drunk it)
and about ")"
it is short form of ":)"we are too bisy to write ":"  :)

* busy :)

These are my personal "stereotypes" about Russia and Russian people which have occurred to me now:
- high corruption (like in my country, after all ;-))

- arrogant and undemocratic federal government

- people drinking a lot of alchool (especially vodka)

- very low temperatures in winter and very high temperatures in summer

- many cute girls (but I am sure Russia is also plenty of much less cute girls :-P)

- low openness to innovation (social, cultural, economic,...)


I've took your discussion as a funny game...I am totally aware that I could be wrong about these stereotypes and we haven't (thanks God!) only one type of person for each country (I have few Russians friends and they drink few alcoholic beverages and are very open-minded!).

Donato !you are totaly right! )


i saw them just on TV

Honestly i think that girls are very hot and beatyfull

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