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don't try it :p

don't try to understand women. women understand women and they hate each other.



I really trust what you said . Women are not created to be understood , instead , they were born to be loved. Concerning that you talked about they hate each other , I think envy is the greatest enemy for all women especially they met some charming gentlemen.

hahaha Funny =P, tell me, Why women hate each other?? 


in most women's eyes,they are enemies to each other. so they hate each other. however, enemy is the one who know you better than friends sometimes.

carlos , becouse they understand  each other. lol

As I see it the topic, I believe that the brain of a women is quite hard to understand. I learnt that women enjoy talking each other, which is a good quality. At the same time, They are gossip why? I'm afraid that I don't understand this relationship

LOL :DDDD so funnyyyyy :PPP


... and you think men are all sunshine and light!!!???


You definately have a point.

Some women are catty, back-stabbing, passive-aggressive creatures who pretend to treat every women equally, but in their mind they are secretly ranking eath other. There I said it and I'm a woman!


But also, women can be very supportive, attentive, understanding, nurturing and patient to other women they can emphasize esp. when they face the hardships that all women often encounter. 


At the risk of sounding stereotypical, women are very complicated indeed....


if you have no competition, then there is no hatred. if you don't think you are good enough then the bother turns into the emotion called hate.


This is a very constrictive view.

I have many close women friends and we care for each other like sisters. I am sorry if you do not have similar experiences with your women friends, but your statement is very shallow and down right demeaning.

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