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The use of skype :D

Hi everyone! :D

I would like to know about your experiences with skype and if it has helped you or not in the learning of languages.

Thanks :D




Hi Vale,


I think there is no better way to practice a language! Apart from language holidays of course ;) I love learning languages by using Skype

It's really an amazing tool if it is being used for educational purpose and exchange languages


Of course, it's very useful. I can't learn a language without it!

Your comments are very useful, Thanks to everyone! :D


I started studying Spanish six weeks ago - it hasn't been very long. I've done lots of stuff: reading, podcasts, workbook, Duolingo, Destinos, Pimsleur. While I definitely benefit from all of those, not one of them can even begin to rival Skype exchanges as a learning tool. As of the very first day, I found some language exchange partners and started practicing over Skype. It's amazing how much I've improved in such a short time! Yeah, I still butcher the language, but I can hold a conversation for half an hour, without resorting to English. It's amazing how motivating a Skype language exchange can be!

Thank you Stephanie :D
Also I want to offer you my help, so whatever you need i'll be happy to help you. :D


pour moi ;

le skype aide moi bcp

merci !

hi!I have just used skype momths ago. I'm trying to study English. So if you don't mind, can I have a talk via skype? :D

this's me: tragiangh3


Before you had to leave your city, your family, your friends if you wanted to learn a new language. Skype permits to improve o get practise by staying in your house.
It has became the instrument whose we can't do without it!!!!!!


the skpe is very help of learning

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