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Why should I hire you?

I don't know if this is a common question, but I heard many people use this question. In all the interviews I've been through, I never received this question, nor did I ask this question in any interviews I gave. But, there are a lot of people asking this question, so preparing for it is a must. To answer this question, you need to know exactly what they are looking for. With this information, tie it in with your strong traits. This will verify that you are completely qualified for the job. Second and more importantly, you need to stand out more than the other people interviewing for this position. I will give two examples for the long answers, one for a person with a lot of experience, and the other for a recent college graduate.


No matter what`s the enterview for, but how would you answer to this question?



The staff who interview you is the first person to recognize you . In a very short time of interview, this staff must verify you are the person they want . After your briefing , the examiner would like to know you more and want to ascertain you are eligible for this work . If I were to the examiner , I would want to see a confident staff with delicate consideration and know what work he will undertake . Needless to say , if this interviewee knows scarce about my company or even himself , I do not have much confidence of him , let alone his performance .  I hope the whole process of interview could be effective and cheerful , while his ignorance could lead to my disturbance . I would not engage a person who has no personal opinions or ideas about his potential job , although this interviewee could be submissive and ingenious . But I would like to say sorry unless this interviewee can bring me his confidence in this work. 

I think this question is too general. If I am asked this question by HR, I would just help the HR to specify it, like: in whole I believe I am the right person for this position. I think I have met all the requirements, first... second...

By the way, I don't think any experienced HR would ask this question.

well, I`ve been interviewed several times and I also heard that question from a lot of examiners. I also asnwered corrently, but now I know what they wanted to hear was the reason they have in mind...It sounds confusing but what I mean is that you should have at hand a great answer to exceed his expectations...Ok, that also will depend on what the vacancy is for...I found some examples:


Short Answers

"I'm a perfect fit for this position. I have the experience and the traits you are looking for. On top of that, I'm a great team player that gets a long with everyone."

"I should be hired because I'm efficient, smart, and friendly. I'm great at solving problems and love challenges. Most importantly, I'm dependable and reliable."


Long Answers

"This position is for a quality assurance manager, I'm confident I'm the best person for this job because of my past experience. At ABC Software Company, I was in charge of a team that was responsible for the quality of three different applications. I have intimate knowledge of quality assurance, product support, and even some creative processes that will benefit a quality assurance team. I've built a team from scratch and fully understand the product development cycle. Finally, one of my traits is in developing and mentoring junior employees. I believe in transferring knowledge to everyone in the company and investing a little more effort into the people who work for me. So I strongly believe that I'll be the best candidate due to the combination of my experience, my managerial skills, and my desire to provide growth in employees."


I`m agree



If you hire me, I will help your company make more money.




I will treat the customers so nicely that they will all want to come back again and again.


I hate this type of question but is enough common in the job interviews.
However, If it is being asked by department Hr, it means that the company is looking for the right and fit person for covering that role.
If i have more skills, more motivation, more attitudes, I will have more opportunity respect of another candidates called for this position....
If you appear motivated, that job will be your.

All your comments are right, We don`t want to hear that question never. It also sound a little bit discriminative or...I mean...imagine this: `the interviewer is in one possition of power like in the top of the hill and he/she thinks `give me one value reason to extend my hand and let you come here to this paradise...`come on, I also studied, I also have the know. We migh have the power to say `No, the right question should be: `How about working together?` or `what do offer me to accept the job?', well, I sounds a little bit defiance but I`ve done it at least four or five times, and it worked or at less I decided if it was fine for me to continue or not with the process.


Finally I`d say that every situacion is completely different to another.

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