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What do you usually do in free time

Hey everyone, I have plenty of free hours when i am in the office. I do not konw what to do will be better. At first,i learn english hours a day, but i can not continue, because i abondon myself to website-games named QQ水滸.If you konw the chinese histroy,you may follow it. If you have free hours like me, we hope we can do something useful together. Looking forward to your reply.definitely, i need your ideas as many as possible.



If i have free hours like you, i will watching TV , listening to songs, have a nice trip and stare blanky.

Hey, i mean i do not have many things to deal in working, and it's not good to watch tv, listen to songs and so on. How to do your working time better ?

browse webpage and then working, boring.

Do some reading

Chat with buddies

Hey guys,


Thanks so much for your all responses. But there are not my finnal goals, so i am still waiting.

I hope to have free time .Im always busy

Practice English.  (and don't let your boss find out : )

To practice english is good, and who has free hours and wants to do it online (Beijing Standard Time from 8:30 AMTO 5:30PM), HMM~~~, mails are good too. I am interested in sharing somethings with different firends.

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