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Why are you learning English? :)




In order to travel so learning English

hello , speak English, it is the needs of The Times, make the personal development space is larger. Learning English in some way is not useful in our daily life,but facing with the tests and the trouble of looking for a job,we have to learn it. You need to say English when you have a foreigh friend, you need to say english when you to go to other contry travel, you need to say english when you wants get a job in foreign company, they're all must be speak english,That is the purpose why you are learning English.

and i love english, i want use english chat with other friends, so, i must be learn english, and you, why r u learn chinese?


chinese is a beautiful, ancient language! it's also fun to speak.

English is an international language. This is the one language through which we can communicate with all over the world. So its very necessary to learn.

Because i can use English to talk to people from all over the world because English is the most taught in all countries... :)

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