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Abortion is it right or wrong?

Do you agree with it? Do you think when a child is still a fetus it doesn't have life yet? Is Abortion is a good choice for an unplanned pregnancy specially being pregnant in a young age or before marriage?




I think the question of whether a fetus is a child is irrelevant. I mean I believe it's not a formed child especially in the early stages which is when most abortions happen. At a few weeks it's hard to tell a human fetus from other animals. The later abortions tend to be in cases where the fetus is damaged and not going to survive or its a risk to the health of the mother.


If people have control or autonomy over anything in this life it's over their own body, surely? You wouldn't support the government inforcing the removal of organs like a kidney to be transplanted in citzens who need it. Yet many people die because they need transplants and don't get them and there's no big movement from citizens of any country for the government to inforce anything like this.


Also please don't give me the argument that isn't it funny how the people for choice are the ones who are already born. I would not have wanted to have been born if it impacted my mother's life in a negative way. Further to that I can not know about existence unless I've been born and brought into existence so it's a nonsense argument.


Banning abortions doesn't lead to a decrease in abortions. It leads to a decrease in safe abortions. Abortion is banned in Ireland and those poor women have to come over to the UK to receive abortions. Around 5,000 women travel to the UK to get an abortion each year and that's not counting the ones who lie about their address or go to another country. There was also the case of the Indian woman, Savita who died because they refused her an abortion in Ireland.

Ms. Day:


I think that abortion is "right."


Many criminals are people who were born even though their mothers did not want to give birth to them.

James ;


how do you say that those who are unwanted child will be criminals where in they haven't been born yet? People who are in earth dont ant to be judge by anyone so how could you judge a person/fetues which is still in the wom and haven't done anything yet.


anatheme it's a lot more expensive to send a child through the education system and provide that child with health care etc than it is to have an abortion.

Ms. Day:


Thank you for your reply.


Of course, not all unwanted children grow up to be criminals.


But -- sadly -- many do.  If a child knows that his mother did not want him, it is understandable that he may grow up to be a very angry person.


So that is why many people feel that if a woman wants an abortion, that is her right.

It's the parents fault why they have an unplanned or unwanted child. Hmm Don't you think they should face their responsibilities because of what they did. Furthermore they are at the parents of the fetus don't they feel sad if they abort it? 


Mimi - So if it will happen to you to be pregnant which is not a plan. Are you going to abort it.


James - So do you think that abortion served as a protection for women rights?



It is an issue now in our country to have an abortion law or not. I am still thinking which side I will go.

I agree with it too. I have two children, I love them and that's why I decided to have them. But what about the child of a rape ? What about all the poor children dead because they were victims of abuses. I know : if you don't want them don't "make" them. But unfortunatelly not everybody can think like that for various reasons. I understand abortion, I don't understand abuses. Where I live, two weeks ago, a 3 year old child had been killed by his step father : he beheaded the child, burned him and gave him as food to his dogs. His mother just looked. Everybody knew he was unwanted and abused. In that case, why give birth to him ? She just had to abort, that would have been better.


Steve H - You have a point a woman should have the right to choose what he wants to do since it is her own body and child but do you think it is a murder?



Audrey - I'm sorry to hear that.. It is a sad and terrifying story. It is better not to be born if your going to live a miserable life.

I beleive that abortion and the death penalty go hand in hand. If you beleive/disbelive one you have to both.

With the exception of those rare cases where the mother would suffer severe injury if a pregnancy is not terminated, I'm not in favor of abortion because I consider that a human being exists from the time of conception.  I conclude this because at the time of conception, the zygote which comes into being contains the full complement of 46 uniquely human chromosomes.  No additional genetic information is necessary to constitute a human being. 

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