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English to tagalog street language

Some commonly used tagalog street language or slang. Mother - ermat Father - erpat Police - parak Dude, men - tropa, utol, tol, pare Friends - barkada, tropa Hello, hi - musta What are you doing? - gawa mo? Where are you - san ka? Yes - po/opo(only when you speaking older than you) VERY POLITE! When? - kelan? Buying at sari-sari stores - pabili/pagbilan Getting off the bus/jeep/tricycle/cab - PARA! Restroom - c.r/banyo Canteen - turo-turo/karinderia Grilled street foods - ihaw-ihaw/ihawan I'm drunk! - lasing na ko! Let's go! - tara! Cigarette - yosi Thats is for now! I hope it helps! Pls let me know whats your slangs too.



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