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Torrential raining (corrections are welcomed)

Today it rained so heavily in our city Delhi. Though from morning till evening 6 o’clock there was so hot like any other days. Sometimes sky was clean, sun was shining brightly and sometimes there were clouds on sky. The day was like that. I generally go for walk in the evening. Today also I left for walk at 6 o’clock. Within 2 minutes of my reaching in the park, suddenly it started raining. Earlier It was slow. I thought it will stop but very soon it gradually caught speed. Within 10 minutes it started pouring in so heavily. Everybody took shelter under trees or the places wherever they could found place. I alsdo rushed to a small room which is meant for gardener. I waited for rain to stop but it did not. I was in dilemma whether to leave for home or should wait. During all this happening in my mind, there I saw an aunt y returning back from mother dairy booth, taking milk. She also stopped there for a while as it was very heavily pouring. She started conversation with me. Her house was adjacent to park where we were standing. She lived in an apartment, She said she can go home without umbrella as her apartment is within the park premises. So she offered me her umbrella saying u can return it to me tomorrow. For a while I didn’t say anything, thinking I am unknown to her and even then she was offering her umbrella to me. But before that thought completed in my mind, she said u always come for walk and return it tomorrow. Oh then I realised she knew me but I didn’t. I said many thank to her promising to return her umbrella next day. I started leaving for home. Sky was so dark covered with full of black clouds. I was getting afraid seeing up the sky. It was so dark all around, was not able to see anything due to heavy rain. I was praying , I reach home safely and as early as possible. During my way to home I was so thankful to that lady and wished may god bless her. All the way I was thinking, still there are good people in this world who are generous and helpful. Though all most I was drenched due to torrential rain but I could managed to protect my belongings and upper portion of the body. Thanx to that aunty.
Corrections are welcomed. Thanx



Some suggestions:

...from morning till evening 6 o’clock it was so hot...

Sometimes sky was clear.

Within 2 minutes I reached the park..

In the beginning It was lite...

using very soon & gradually together is not appropriate..

while all these were happening in my mind..

Corrections are welcome (present tense is enough)


thanx for corrections.

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