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just asking :/

CNN said the world is forty trillion dollars in debt. Who does the world owe? Jupiter?




hhhhhh, the sun is a better canditate :) at least now I know how much does that energy cost us :)


I think they mean that the countries owe each other 40 trillion dollars. Like: France owes Germany 4 trillion, France owes the US 4 trillion, the US owes Germany 4 trillion and so on... Together that makes 40 trillion dollars.

I would imagine if you combined the debt of every country it would total 40 trillion dollars. 

the world owes those who live among us who think they are on another planet. just pick one

I get your point on what you are asking.


If Germany owes France 4 trillion,  owes the US 4 trillion, and the US owes Germany 4 trillion, why not just print 4 1-trillion notes and give them to Germany, who gives them to France, who in turn gives them to the US, who then burns them up.

What I concern more is the debt by my government . That debt has brought us more liability to pay the future . That is absolutely absurd yet we can do nothing but  watch it go deterioration .

Technically, we owe ourselves; I take cash or check.

It is the money of the people used by banks. Governments need money and they borrow it from banks. The banks charge interest on the (people´s) money. So the debt keeps increasing. This is Capitalism!


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