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Hel with hebrew - agaain..

I listened to a song named shalom aleichem by Avishai Cohen and I noticed he sang "betzetrem leshalom" or atleast something that sounds like that. I have been searching all over web for a translation or lyrics but this song is clearly not popular enough (can't find a reason why it shoulnt be but.. whatever... )


So please, can you help me translate these two words?


My first guess is that it has something to do with "leave in/with peace"? Am I in any way correct?



Hi Freya,

You're right, it means leave in peace, or more accurately leave to peace (ie that they should go to another place of peace). It is actually "betseitchem leshalom".


The words are

שלום עליכם מלאכי השלום
בואכם לשלום מלאכי השלום
ברכוני לשלום מלאכי העליון
בצאתכם לשלום מלאכי השלום

It is the song sung on Friday night after returning from the synagague, to welcome the angels into the home on the sabbath.



Thank you so much, Rosia!

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