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Which city do you like in China?And why?

Which city do you like in China?And why?




yangshuo because of the nature, beijing because of the history, shanghai because is amazing ;)


I liked Taiwan ; ChongQing; Bejing; Shanghai. They are great cities. I also visited Yiwu. I love China

I really don´t know so much about China. However, I would like to go there and visit many places. Asian cultures are very interesting for me. Could you suggest and talk about some cities in your country that we should visit?. and why?.

China is a great country with broad land and diverse culture . The population is dramatically amazing . I visited several metropolises years ago , 西安、北京、上海 included . In my experience , 西安is my favorite city as far as I visited because of its historic relics . It is the old gateway to the west world . I wish I had the opportunity to travel along the old silk road in the future .


Hi :Nermine Nabil

Have you ever visited Taiwan? Taiwan is not a name of city . My nationality on passport is Taiwan.


I'll tihink it over!

actually don't any city's of china,but i like to vist the capital \



Shanghai.....Because I come from Shanghai

mm...let me think...

beijing, shanghai,guangzhou..

and of course Hang Zhou with its natural beauty :)


ha ha ha ha sorry i didn't know any city in china so i cant answer



Never been in China. But hope to visit.

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