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how i can to begin understand English very fast? how you think?

What i need do?



Если вы подразумеваете разговорную речь, я думаю надо много слушать английский


Listen Listen and Listen

I recommend the following:


1. listen to podcast or anything on radio

2. watch tutorials on youtube so you can understand the instructions and try to follow along

3. get a book on tape/cd so you may listen at your liesure and rewind (go back and relisten)

4. skype w/ English speaker and practice

5. Read whatever you can aloud to listen to yourself/your accent try www.vocaroo. to record your voice online.

6. perhaps, play English games online (word games) so you can follow instructions.


Good luck!



Skype with native speakers.Good lucky! 


Watch a LOT of tv! It worked for me! 


I agree listen listen .... but would like to add speak speak speak and practise

watch movies and listen to the music


Listen to English for at least 1 hour at a bare minimum every day.

You can do this with things that interest you by searching for music and looking up the lyrics and following along,  audiobooks (where you can listen and read at the same time), radio, podcasts about your interests or hobbies, watching YouTube (especially popular English speaking ones), movies, etc.


The important part it's of interest to you. That way you're more motivated to continue learning English.


How can I begin understanding English very fast? What do you think?

Take my tip, begin with grammar

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