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in/on/at time

I have alwais doubt about the word time. I would like to know which of the following prepositions (in/on/at) can be used with time and if there are similar in meaning or not.



In time- with time


Example: In time, I will trust you.

Example:  I made it just in time for the start of the movie.


On time- You were punctual and timely.  Example: I arrived on time for my date!


At (a) time- one thing individually. Example: Please step on the scale, one at a time.



In the morning / the afternoon / the evening

In a few days / two weeks / a month

In town / the market / school / class / the restaurant (dentro)


On Monday / Tuesday / weekends / the weekend / your birthday / the 5th of March / St Patrick's day / Christmas day

On Friday afternoon / Monday morning

AT: (Más específica.)

At seven o'clock / ten / midday / midnight / the end of July / the start of the week

At the cinema / the restaurant (exterior / frente) / at John's house

At the bus stop / the station / work / Jane's party

At Christmas / Easter

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