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What is marriage?

İs it a bilateral agreement? İf it is an agreement, What are parties agree on? What is consideration? Where is  the love loceted in this agreement?

How can you discribe marriage..



Wow, Burak, what an interesting topic! Nice discussion topic!! 


Although my parents are from a more traditional perspective of what marriage is, they still chose to marry each other. I don't believe that marriage should be an agreement between parents of the ones to be married (aka arranged marriages). So, I don't believe arranged marriages will last because there, usually, is no attraction, choice, love, etc., and without those basic elements, marriage will surely be a miserable experience. :(


The way I would want my future marriage to be is an equal partnership. I hope to marry someone I can also call: my best friend. I don't want him to think I am his maid, nor do I expect him to wait on me. I expect both of us to keep up cleaning the house, and cooking, as well. (I am a feminist, so I don't like strict, traditional marital roles defined by society). Respect is also a must, and hopefully not something either party has to work too hard to uphold. :)


Thank you for this discussion topic because it is a great one to discuss! ^_^

marriage is something more than agreement. some of people start it with love  or hate or oblegation........


I know some one who marriage with hate and obligation but  now they love eachother, when i saw them i dont  belive !!!!!!!!!

if you want to marry you must be pationt!

You may regard it as bilateral commitment to love each other . Both partners are supposed to take loving each other as granted and underpin your partner for the rest of life even in distress . Before you get married , you must have basic knowability of marriage . By the way , I am convinced that kids are the best gifts you can take in the marriage even that is a suffering marriage . I know some married and divorced women enjoy their lives with kids . They were much frustrated in previous marriage. They told me they were fortunate as they have lovely kids around them .

Dear tania :


If there is a marriage you need to "endure" , I do not think you deserve to do it . From time to time, we need to sacrifice something for the future . But I bet you cannot endure too long unless you are happy to take it . I do sacrifice in my marriage with joy for my family , and so do my wife . I call it "honey burden" . I am sure I am glad to tolerate something like personal freedom or privacy to achieve better future . If you do not want to end up with hatred or obligation only , I might suggest open your eyes to look through the truth of marriage .  



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