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Any one interested in proposal writing?


Any one interested in proposal writing?

Proposal wriitng is one of the time consuming jobs. But it is great



I edit proposals sometimes at my job. It can be very interesting when it is a good one or terribly tedious when it is a badly written one.


Proposals are hectic work ; time and soul consuming

Proposal work is demanding and hectic indeed .In most situation , you are doing a job without positive feedback . I spent days to sophisticate my proposal , however, my customers took 1 minute to discard my proposal without any interpretation   . In these days , I have loss my passion to scheme for my clients who are not familiar with their requirement .


Dear Allen; Thanks for your kind response to the discussion. I agree with you that proposal wriitng is ahectic job. but when it comes to helping others to alleviate poverty. It is really worthwhile

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